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Graduation Present

~ Here at Peninsula Sportsman Headquarters we’ve had the pleasure of hosting a father/ son duo from CA for the past few days. Dad Russ presented this trip to his son RJ as a graduation gift for completing college last year ( nice Dad ! )  Highlights of the trip–Day one RJ gets on the board early with a primo bull drake harlequin and a few other msc. greenheaded birds ( his co-workers back at Bass Pro Shops in Ca. will be envious ) It doesn’t take his Dad Russ long to take a near perfect match bird … these feather perfect drakes were brought down w/ single shots of #4 HeviShotand they both look almost tranquilized. Quite a mix of early season ducks on the log by mid-morning.

nicelog - Copy

Day to brought a scoter hunt,  the birds came quick and it didn’t take long to carve out some nice drake whitewings and surf scoters from the flocks. Father/ son each took good representatives then we watched as many, many, many more landed in the rig … luckily some black and white made a show with some of the first buff flocks and a really nice Barrow’s drake dumped in as a capper.freehling5 - Copy

Three days hunting with these guys was a fun as it gets. Great company, and positive attitudes even when the weather shifted w/ 50kt winds yesterday and we were “forced” to hunt from the beach. Some really nice birds taken on their trip, their taxidermist back in CA is going to be busy.

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  1. Russ Freehling says:

    Captain Dave,

    Great re-cap of our hunting trip with you last week! Had a great time doing the Father – Son thing in your beautiful State!

    It was truly a once in a lifetime experience – fantastic hunting, gorgeous scenery, comfortable and homey accommodations, and great company!

    Thank you again for providing such a memorable experience – it was a superb highlight in our hunting careers!


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