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Whitewing Bling

One of our hunters took a really nice whitewing drake on a scoter hunt this
morning, and whatdya know … it was wearing BLING ! congrats Scott. The stainless leg band was still dime bright even though this scoter was banded as a
3 year old bird wintering here in Washington 2005. That’s a 10 year old bull drake !


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Graduation Present

~ Here at Peninsula Sportsman Headquarters we’ve had the pleasure of hosting a father/ son duo from CA for the past few days. Dad Russ presented this trip to his son RJ as a graduation gift for completing college last year ( nice Dad ! )  Highlights of the trip–Day one RJ gets on the board early with a primo bull drake harlequin and a few other msc. greenheaded birds ( his co-workers back at Bass Pro Shops in Ca. will be envious ) It doesn’t take his Dad Russ long to take a near perfect match bird … these feather perfect drakes were brought down w/ single shots of #4 HeviShotand they both look almost tranquilized. Quite a mix of early season ducks on the log by mid-morning.

nicelog - Copy

Day to brought a scoter hunt,  the birds came quick and it didn’t take long to carve out some nice drake whitewings and surf scoters from the flocks. Father/ son each took good representatives then we watched as many, many, many more landed in the rig … luckily some black and white made a show with some of the first buff flocks and a really nice Barrow’s drake dumped in as a capper.freehling5 - Copy

Three days hunting with these guys was a fun as it gets. Great company, and positive attitudes even when the weather shifted w/ 50kt winds yesterday and we were “forced” to hunt from the beach. Some really nice birds taken on their trip, their taxidermist back in CA is going to be busy.

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GoPro Crabbing

~ The local summer Dungeness Crab season opened on the first of July and our crew set out to find where the crusty critters were hiding.   Amidst beautiful July weather in the high 70’s pots were set in the morning and when we picked them a few hours later we were rewarded with some nice BIG  Port Townsend Bay Dungies…The first crabs of 2013,  hard shell bucks averaging 7-8″ across their carapace . Ooooooh Ya !  The first crab of the summer season are just that much sweeter !

Check out this video Spencer put together. We sunk the Go-Pro in one of the morning pots for some really cool footage… lots of action, enjoy !


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Big Inside Lings

Our inside Lingcod fishing season has been underway since the first of the month and with great spring weather we’ve also been enjoying some quality fish coming to the boat. Opening weekend saw many fish in the 30″ range and last weekend Patrick took big fish  with  a 35″ 18# fish off the inside reef  with a 7 inch swimbait.
E big ling 2 - Copy

That fish stood only a week as Saturday Elliott took the top of the board with a 36″ 20# fish ( max retention length for the inside ) in 30 feet of water on a live greenling flylined above the kelp at slack tide. Two other keeper lings were caught with that same greenling, before it ultimately yielded 2 nice fillets for dinner– how’s that for conserving your bait !

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Tiger Rockfish

~ One bonus of the Neah Bay trip was a pair of beautiful Tiger Rockfish ( Sebastes nigrocinctus  ) caught while jigging Big Hammer swimtails and carefully released. These long lived rockfish are uncommon and striking with no two fish alike in color and pattern. Kasey took a handsome cream and orange fish on Tuesday then the Capt. caught another tiger banded one Wednesday.  Our crew has been after one of these coastal fish for some time and were surprised to get them on a  shallow 50′ reef. We’re hoping to get a reproduction taxidermy mount of each fish for the Peninsula Sportsman trophy wall.

Kasey Tiger 2013

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Neah Bay Lingcod opener 2013

~ Area 4 Neah Bay opened for lingcod retention last Tuesday so the crew from  F/V Siwash aka “Team Ling Hammer” headed West to get a crack at the first lings of the year. Camping in Sekiu courtesy of Van Riper’s resort we awoke to sunshine and calm seas Tuesday morning. Heading West into area 4 we started getting fish just after the river, while fishing the kelpline up to Sail rock. Tuesdays total was 6 quality lings averaging 26-37 inches for the boat. Didn’t get any of the  “crocodiles” landed but had more than our share of followers in the 4 + foot range.   Highlight of the morning was Kasey laying into a 70-80lb halibut hooked w/ his custom Seeker/ Avet rod on a Big Hammer swimtail. Kasey fought that fish for over 20 minutes while we chased it around on the kicker. Retention isn’t allowed for halibut until certain days  June so we took some go-pro footage and gently released the beast back to its reef. Wednesday’s fishing brought more of the same with another 6 legal sized fish kept before the weather shifted and blew swell and chop out of the west.  Heading back into Clallam Bay just before noon we spotted a young Gray Whale cruising the kelpline just offshore, a trio of Bull Sea lions and flocks of summer plumed oldsquaw, harlequin and scoters staging for their migration back up north. The West-end of the Olympic Peninsula is such a magical place.

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Steamer Clams

Sure is fun heading down to the tideflats on a spring day for some steamer clam digging… and the rewards for a half hour spent digging in the mud ?  Good times and a heck of a clam dinner for the crew.


Tiffany’s Port Townsend Steamer Clams

  • 2-3 limits fresh Manila or Native Littlenecks in shell ( approx. 3 lbs)
  • 32 oz. organic vegetable broth
  • fresh basil
  • 2 tablespoons minced garlic
  • one can tomatoes, diced
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • sea salt to taste
  • glass of chardonnay ( for the cook , dash for the clams )

Rinse and scrub clams. Combine broth, basil, tomatoes salt and garlic in a deep Paella pan or pot, cover and bring to a boil. Add clams and bring back to boil on simmer- clams are done when they have all opened fully. Serve clams in bowls with broth and slices of baguette bread for dipping.

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Layout Hunting

Hunting from a layout boat is one of the more classic, challenging and rewarding ways to take trophy ducks. Nobody who has experienced layout hunting says it’s easy, it is not.  The gunner’s laying down in the box 6 inches below the waterline with a shot window and swing that is narrow from the constraints and variables of a floating blind. Even on a calm day there is something to getting the timing right to rise, mark and shoot a duck that’s screaming in on the wing and often setting on your decoys only yards from the bow.  Now add in some wind chop with swell and you have something that no sporting clays course could ever match. But gunning old school is rewarding, especially when you get duck you’ve been waiting a lifetime to achieve.

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Banded Surf Scoter

The 2012/ 2013 WA waterfowl season is off and running !   The 7 bird limit, 107 day season began the second weekend in October and things have been going very well for our duck hunters. A bout of mild 60 degree weather stalled the migration a bit after a great opening, but the weather has now cooled back down now with the first freeze . The ducks have responded with fresh flocks arriving from areas north of us. Hosted a group of hunters from the Houston , Texas area this past week and during an action packed scoter hunt yesterday Mark took his first banded bird in 25 years of waterfowl hunting. A primo drake surf scoter sporting some “bling” !  USFW data showed the drake as a 5 year old bird banded 50 miles NE of here during the WDFW banding efforts in summer 2009. Quite a trophy, that bird is destined for a spot on Mark’s wall.



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Summer’s coming to an end

~ Wow what a couple months !  Haven’t had much of  a chance to blog these past couple months as I’ve been out on the boat most days.  Although the weather continues to be spectacular, Fall is rapidly approaching- you can smell it in the air . The summer crab season ended after Labor Day weekend and it will go down in the books as one of the best we’ve seen in recent years. Port Townsend Bay was consistently full of big delicious Dungeness crab and the boat averaged a dozen or so 7-9″ “bucks” for the pots each charter- that’s alot of crab dinners ! Here’s to hoping WDFW will give us a winter season in area 6, 9 and 12 so we can drop pots again while we chase the sea ducks. The local bottomfishing season was good, especially the old sandab “honeyhole”, those fish just carpet the bottom there on most days. Fishing on the Coast out of La Push was spectacular as always. We’ve enjoyed such a variety of folks from all over the country in the cabins and out on charters this past few months and wanted to thank them all for making this a great summer season.

Now we look forward to the hunting season as the geese, puddlers, harlequin ducks and scoters are already arriving back from their breeding areas. The other sea ducks ducks will be soon to follow in October. Bandtail pigeon opens September 15th , youth hunting weekend on the 22nd. The General waterfowl season opens October 13th with a 7 bird limit ( including scaup ! ) so we’re busy getting all the decoys , gear and boats set up for another great season of waterfowl hunting !

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