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Snow Hunting on the Salt


Western Washington finally got its dose of winter weather this past week. Well over a foot of the white stuff fell here in Port Townsend and over 2 feet in surrounding areas. My buddies Doug and Sean from Saskatchewan were up for the challenging weather– heck they’re from Sask., this is nothing for them ! Roads and highways were a mess w/ many closed, snowed in and couldn’t get the big boats out of our road here but we persisted with the skiff and the big green Ford 4×4 to get us around and were rewarded with some great end of the season hunting. The guys took a nice mix of salt ducks. The NE wind blew us off the water by mid-morning, but the gunning was fierce while we were out. Good am flight in the blizzard with plenty of puddlers around looking for sheltered waters with the regular mix of sea ducks. One more week to go out here. the snow if melting off but the weather still blustery and WET. Great duck weather for the final week.

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