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Summer Sanddabbing


The mini Halibut are on the bite! Summer Sole, Sanddab and Flounder. What these little scrappy fish lack in size and appearance they make up for in shear numbers and a great willingness to bite a hook. Summer is the height of our local sanddab fishery as these little guys move into shallower water to spawn, and the sandy bays around Port Townsend are a great place fish for them. These flatfish average a little over a pound or so up to the larger rock sole and starry flounder that can weigh several pounds or more. They are a great way to introduce young people to fishing and burn some time while the crab pots soak. Everyone enjoys a hot flounder bite and after we get a dozen or so good sized keepers in the boat its time to get out the fillet knife and cleaning board. A little trickier to cut than a normal fish but the end result is some of the best little white meat fillets around “fillet of sole”… Fried or baked it is delicate and delicious.

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